Ocean hero Laundry Without Microplastics 

Laundry Without Microplastics

Laundry Without Microplastics

Your Laundry Is Making You Sick!

Over 35% of microfibers in the ocean come from our washing machines.

That’s because every time we wash our synthetic clothes, they shed thousands of tiny plastics pieces that go into the wastewater, enter our ecosystem and end up in the food we eat.

We believe it’s time that we stop polluting oceans and our drinking water with plastics.

What is Microfiber Pollution and How Can We Stop It

  • Each time we do laundry, our clothes shed microfibers in the amount that equals the surface of a pack of gum.
  • Microfibers mostly don’t get filtered so they end up in our oceans, rivers and soil.
  • These tiny particles hurt marine life and crops.
  • They are also potentially harmful to human health.
  • The best way to reduce microfiber pollution is at its choke point – the washing machine.

There are lots of small but powerful actions we can all make today!

Once you have acknowledged and understood the plastic pollution problem, why would you not want to start with reducing your own contributions to the microplastic problem?

Every day billions of invisible fibers that shed from our clothes get released into oceans. Through fish and water, they get back to our plates, enter the human body, and affect our health. The problem is huge, but there is a simple solution.

Reusable laundry filter captures 90% of microfibers

The washing machine is the one place through which all garments must pass at some point; it’s a logical point at which to try to contain pollution. PlanetCare, which was named the best product on the market by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, is a name you’re probably going to hear a lot more in years to come.

Discover The Powerful Solution

The PlanetCare filter is crucial to catching those microplastics which shed when we wash our clothes, and it helps us visualise the issue, because when you remove the used filter the evidence is obvious!

Simply install a filter to your washing machine and catch thousands of tiny microfibers every time you do your laundry. 

PlanetCare filter is the first washing machine filter with scientifically proven efficiency to stop 90% of microfibers with every laundry wash. 

Independently tested by the National Institute of Chemistry in Slovenia, the National Research Council in Italy, and by the Swedish Environmental Agency.

Stop Microfiber Pollution Filter Your Laundry Wastewater!

When you wash your synthetic clothing, tens of thousands of microfibers go out with the wastewater. They end up polluting rivers and the oceans.

Recent research proves that we’re eating and drinking plastics. Microfibers are everywhere: in fish, plankton, chicken, beer, honey, and in the water we drink. 

With PlanetCare microfiber filter it’s now possible to stop this. 

Starter Kits

World’s first washing machine filter with proven efficiency to stop 90% of microfibers! For plastic-free laundry.

Mini Starter Kit

planetcare » Eco Trading Marketplace

• Includes filter housing, 3 PlanetCare replacement cartridges, and mounting equipment

• 3 cartridges last up to 60 laundry washes, depending on the materials washed

• Filter cartridges are 100% recycled and refurbished via closed-loop service

XL Starter Kit

planetcare starterkit 1000x1000 6816b161 77d5 479b a86a » Eco Trading Marketplace

• Includes filter housing, 13 PlanetCare replacement cartridges, and mounting equipment

• 13 cartridges last up to 260 laundry washes, depending on the materials washed

• Filter cartridges are 100% recycled and refurbished via closed-loop service

Replacing Filters

Once you’ve used all cartridges (except the one currently installed), simply schedule a courier pickup via the planetcare website or send them an email at [email protected] and they will arrange it for you. They also pay for the return shipping!

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Ocean hero Laundry Without Microplastics 

Become An Ocean Hero Today!


Why it Matters

Reason #1: You’re stopping pollution at home 

Washing machines are a major source of microplastics found in oceans. 

Our filters stop 90% of them.

According to research, 6 kg of laundry releases over 700,000 microscopic plastic fibers. By simply installing a PlanetCare filter on your washing machine, you can now stop throwing one light plastic grocery bag into the ocean every week.

In five years, PlanetCare users will stop over 500 tons of microfibre emissions just by filtering their laundry wastewater. 💙  The same amount would fill 16 Olympic pools and weigh as much as 105 elephants. 🐘

Reason #2: You’re directly impacting policy changes

Apart from not polluting, our users are fuelling a much broader transition.

We envision a world in which every washing machine has a pollution-stopping filter: it’s been done in cars years and years ago, so this has been long overdue. Joint efforts of all PlanetCare users have already attracted the attention of policymakers and have a direct impact on legislation changes. 

Policymakers are looking for solutions that work and ‘show traction’ with users before they can pass new legislation. By using PlanetCare filters, we are providing the proof they are looking for.

Together, we are showing them that it CAN be done. 

We will not stop until we make filters mandatory in each and every new washing machine

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