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Maak mijn aankoop klimaatneutraal This Eco Trading Marketplace is committed to minimising the climate impact of the sale of its goods

Making Your Purchase Climate Neutral

Climate footprint in trees

The inevitable emissions are neutralised by funding projects that prevent the same amount of emissions.

This means that both your purchase and this Eco Trading Marketplace have a net-zero climate impact 💚

This CO₂ reduction matches the emission of your purchase – your purchase is climate neutral!

We help finance projects that directly prevent emissions and together we help the climate 💚

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CO₂ Compensation

Eco wind turbines

CO2OK supports several carbon offset projects coordinated by Atmosfair and FairClimateFund

These are certified with the CDM Gold Standard, the strictest standard for climate protection projects.

Greenhouse gas emmiting from factory

The transport and production of any purchased item causes the emission of greenhouse gases.

Manufacturers try to reduce this emission, but most fail to show actual progress.

A purchase of *that* item you want can become climate neutral through CO₂-compensation. 💚

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By being conscious of the choices you make and their effects on the environment, you can reduce your own carbon footprint and offset your unavoidable emissions to support the transition to a low-carbon sustainable future

This Eco Trading Marketplace neutralizes emissions from transport eco trading marketplace green truck

If you choose to make your purchase CO₂ok, you will pay a tiny extra amount upon purchase. 💚

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Neutralizing Our Impact

You can neutralize the impact of production with your contribution (see your cart for details)

Maak mijn aankoop klimaatneutraal Every product has a climate impact through transport and production

Financing projects with CO₂ok

These projects actively reduce the amount of emitted CO₂.

75% of this amount is used to finance projects of sustainable energy and CO₂-emission reduction (via the CO₂ok certified partners, Atmosfair and Fair Climate Fund). The remaining 25% will be used to keep CO₂ok alive and ensure that more and more online stores offer CO2 offsetting.

Approval and Standards

World Globe on Grass


Atmosfair follows a uniform procedure for all offset projects. All projects can generally apply for funding. Ineligible projects are excluded on the basis of the criteria specified here (e.g. no HFC 23 projects, no afforestation, etc.).

The remaining projects are subject to an internal assessment by atmosfair to determine eligibility for funding. They check whether a project can be registered and carried in accordance with the CDM and Gold Standard and whether they conform to there own standards for high-quality offsetting.

Information on CDM and Gold Standard can be found here, more information about project selection and process can be found here.

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FairClimateFund offers companies and private individuals CO₂ credits that are certified by the highest international standards, namely the Gold Standard quality mark (established by the World Wildlife Fund, among others) and the Fairtrade Climate Standard. 

The Fairtrade Climate Standard is a relatively new standard developed by Fairtrade International and Gold Standard in collaboration with FairClimateFund

CDM and Gold Standard

The CDM criteria were agreed upon at the international climate conference in Kyoto.

CDM stands for “clean development mechanism.” It enables industrialized and developing countries to work together to implement climate protection projects in developing countries.

All CDM-projects require verification in which an independent verifier examines and controls the project’s additionality and amount of savings.

The verifier is liable for the report. In addition to sustainable emissions reduction, developing countries can also benefit from the influx of technology.




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